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Scott sells MasterWorks hammered dulcimers, his dulcimer of choice for shows and performances. MasterWorks dulcimers are superlight and supernice. Pictured here is the 16-15 Ultralight, the same model that Scott uses for the majority of his performances. Just because you are a beginner doesn't mean that you need a 'beginner dulcimer'. The 16/15 is perfect, but you could also do a 15/14 which has a slightly softer voice. This 16/15 is $1099.

The top-selling instrument of the MasterWorks line is the 'Russell Cook Edition' 16/16, pictured below. Russell, the owner / founder of MasterWorks, designed this after being asked repeatedly what he would build for himself. This one costs $2099.

Upgrade the 16/15 to the "Bantam Weight" option for $200. Russell Cook says, "you get more for your $200 than anything else we sell." The Bantam weight has a thin mahogany back and honeycombed internal endrails making the instrument slightly lighter. But the true advantage of the Bantam weight is that the instrument has a richer voice and tone.

The MasterWorks dulcimers come with threaded inserts on the back of the dulcimer so you can screw your favorite camera tripod into it for a stand. I use the adjustable stand and you can either stand or sit, and adjust for whatever angle you prefer. I prefer a steep angle that matches my natural forearm angle. Some prefer a much flatter surface. Ergonomics makes for better playing and longer practicing.

Most of us dulcimer players are fairly self-taught. An incredible book to get you going and then some is written by Russell Cook, himself. It's called 'The Ultimate Hammer Dulcimer Resource Book' and sells for $30.

Another very cool thing offered by MasterWorks is damper pedals. Dampers mute the string's sustain, giving the instrument a whole different voice and playing options. You can play superfast stuff without it getting 'muddy'. If you own a copy of my 'The Road to Lisdoonvarna' CD, listen to the beginning of 'Over the Waterfall' and that's a dampened dulcimer. Dampers on new instruments add an additional $600 to the price.

Choosing a dulcimer can be an overwhelming and confusing process. What size? What woods? Diatonic or chromatic? What kind of stand do I need? Do I really need a damper pedal? The best thing to do is simply call me with questions:


I can answer most if not all of your questions. Anything we don't know I can find out from MasterWorks and get an order placed if you'd like.

Download the following pdf files to learn more about MasterWorks dulcimers and their prices:

MasterWorks brochure

Order Form - prices

MasterWorks Accessories

Russell Cook Edition